Small 13*18 cm precious prints inspired by oriental miniatures.

All prints are fine art 110/ml prints made by hand and with heart on Epson enhanced mat 192g/m2 by Françoise Galeron.

They are delivered in a box and wrapped in silk paper.

Edition of 10 for each image in this format.

one print : 25 euros
two prints : 40 euros
three prints : 55 euros

The price includes mailing costs.
You can choose any image of my Facebook stream or ask me for a personalized proposal.
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The ABCbooks of common wisdoms :
the collection

"The ABCbooks of common wisdoms" document my questionnings about photography and my observation of the social practices on the internet plateforms. It is an intimate work that I make public for better transmission and share. It is a collection of reflections on photography and its ability to talk about reality meant to grow with time.

Each booklet has a theme symbolized by the word on the front cover expressing the essence of the reality displayed and the themes I wish the audience to question himself about.

Place and time lapse of production of the set of images is enhanced in the lower line of the cover in a failed attempt to make the audience believe they are concrete.

I mostly use my own images but often use material coming from the internet or photograph my screen as screens have become our major source of knowledge and sometimes even places of experience of the world.

Each booklet is differently conceived, in a spontaneous process. Sometimes I deconstruct icons or clichés, sometimes I try to make the visible perceptible in the flow of images that submerge us, sometimes I just try to put things back in their context. Their creation is close to an act of political and concrete poetry. I don't believe in images that much but yet believe that images shape the world we live in. It is on this tiny line of responsability in the making and the diffusion of images that I try to catch the attention of the viewer and to convince him that images are not safe, that we shouldn't blindly swallow them as inputs of reality without submitting them to question and observation. At the same time we should attempt to break the spellbound generated by the daily chase for "beautiful" images we too often have lost the meaning and context of.

Each booklet in its A5 format is sold 12 euros, mailing costs included.

A yearly subscription is open for 12 issues at 100 euros.

You can have a look here to choose: the available choices

I also propose an "on demand" option: if there is a theme you wish to be studied, let me know. I'll create a special booklet for you.
If you wish an exclusivity, it will cost you 250 euros, including a 13*18 special miniature print.

ABCbooks of common wisdoms :
the boxes

Each box contains :

one 13*18 cm signed print inspired by oriental miniatures ;
a A6 format of the corresponding booklet ;    
sometimes a suprise ... but schuuuutttt ... it is a surprise.

Edition of 10 for each image in this format.

All prints are fine art prints made by hand and with heart on on archival paper Epson enhanced mat 192g/m2 by Françoise Galeron.

Each box : 55 euros

The price includes mailing costs.

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Pictures and frames

All my images are on sale as Fine Art 110/ml prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 in an edition of 5 for each image and format below :

* 60x90 cm : 500 euro
* 40x60 cm : 350 euro
* 30x20 cm : 170 euro

My suggested frame is a shadowbox with 2 cm of depth in the most adapted color and wood essence for each image :

60x90 : 170 euro
40x60 : 100 euro
30x20 : 70 euro

Mailing and delivery costs are not included.
You can choose any image of my Facebook stream or ask me for a personalized proposal.
You can also have a look here : the available choices.



Habeas corpus

"Habeas Corpus" is a performative book with two wings and one spine. It randomly collects 10 years of compulsive photography and tries to transmit the feeling of the hectic life and the overwhelming questionings I have been going through these last years. From intimate details to confronted violence in countries facing war, it tells you everything without saying anything. No lies, no stories. Just a flow. And some wounds.

hand made artist book in an edition of 25
100 pages
laser printed on organic paper, natural color, A4 format
metallic spyral binding

75 euros each
Mailing costs are not included

Commissioned work

I consider myself as an artist on demand, full of doubts and questions.

But I am proud to be a professional photographer.

My passion for photography comes from commissioned work and reportage. My favorite fields of photographic exploration are industrial reportage (plants and people), documentaries for NGO, design and locations, landscapes, citiscapes and portraiture.

I have an absolute passion for workers and places and travel to any destination with enthousiasm and ease.

I sometimes do weddings and parties but have to be totally free to discretely peep into private lifes without being noticed.



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