The project

In 1971, my father bought a Volkswagen T1 equiped by Westfalia. It has been our mobile summer house for more than a decade and shaped a large part of who I am today. The van is still in my possession and I am transforming it into an itinerant school for visual literacy to share the immense chance I had to free my curiosity and gaze on the world combined with the thrill of going towards the unknown my parents offered to me.

The boudoirmobile© will propose :

Nomad decryption workshops targeting youngsters, families and educators
A unique concept of take away exhibition to be revealed soon
Mobile artist's residencies

The boudoirmobile© will travel through Europe and more. Its itinerary will be fixed in order to meet the agenda of major photography based events, festivals and exhibitions.

As we wish to bring photography, contemporary art and the questions they raise closer to people, the boudoirmobile© will target major photography festivals, schools and summer camps and any other place of family gathering (amusement parks, shopping malls, campings etc).

The purpose

The boudoirmobile© promotes a visual literacy adapted to the contemporary uses of photography and of social networks. It aims to develope a critical view on images and a deontology of their circulation in order to foster social relationships based on respect, equity, emulation, transmission, share, care and fight against stereotypes.

The boudoirmobile© project also aims to promote the photographer as a responsible figure of our society.

We believe that those who want to change the world

first have to see it in all its complex and complementary facets.

By building our business plan on mecenat, partnerships and sponsorship, we want to foster and make visible a fairer distribution of wealth driving money from where it is to where it is needed. We want artists to receive a reasonable fee, the audience to pay an affordable fare and the donors to be associated to a project based on fair trade and social ecology.

We don’t want to show you the world, we want you to love it.

The schedule and the sponsoring

We are working hard to be ready for Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie of Arles 2016 but time is running and we would need funds to go faster. As alternative target, we head to a release for Gazebook, in Sicily, sept. 2016.

Symbol of freedom, social consciousness, edgy design and dreams of a better future, the boudoirmobile© will offer to its sponsors a valorizing and truly contemporary visibility by offering an original ad support and being associated with up-to-date and critical knowledge on art, photography and images.

We are launching right now a funding campaign among selected enterprises : ethical banks, organic shops, camping goods retailers and makers, mobile network providers etc.

Spread the word ! And if you know anyone who could be interested in any kind of partnership contact us at :

The rewards

Of course we are also open to private donors and offer the following rewards :

* Donors from 15 up to 25 euros will receive one precious signed miniature print ;
* Donors from 25 to 40 euros will receive two precious signed miniature print ;
* Donors from 40 to 55 euros will receive three precious signed miniature print.

* Donors from 55 euros to more will receive one "Offer me shelter" box containing one precious signed miniature print with its correspondent ABC book of common wisdoms in the A6 format. Sometimes a surprise will be added but chuuutttt. It is a surprise.

All prints are fine art prints made by hand and with heart on on archival paper Epson enhanced mat 192g/m2 by Françoise Galeron.

You can choose images and "ABCbooks" here : the boudoir2.0' boutique on tumblr
You can visit the boutique for more options here : the boutique
Paypal adress :

The rewards will be delivered or mailed starting mid-july.
Mailing costs are included.